Chelsea – the memory remains

Chelsea and the last chapter – the memory remains.
In memory of the life of lovely Chelsea (September 2002 to November 2015).

Chelsea above Elounda.
Chelsea (Sep 2002-Nov 2015)

‘The years go by,
our time flies away.
We turn in a circle,
and this is the meaning:
Everything has to end and a new beginning,
you are the morning, little puppy,
and free like the wind !
Children and dogs are even lent us only for a short time,
and they have come to move on.
But let them go,
is the hardest lesson –
patience, old dog,
I learn it already !
Old dog on my lap,
jumping in the dance,
I let you go !’

Memories, pictures and videos remain – and the responsibility for some still a little cocky successor.

Chelsea, one of the most famous dogs of Crete, is asleep. Even if the whole thing is very difficult, so (almost) has done everything right and it was a nice, exciting and varied dog life – but unfortunately it ended abruptly and unexpectedly, and could have been longer …
And that you howl snot and water, is completely normal, otherwise you shouldn’t prefer to keep a dog. And comforting is always the idea that maybe there is a ‘dogs heaven’ !

Chelsea’s favorite places for trips are now a special corner of the world, and when her not so experienced successor are visiting, they can still listen many interesting stories of their great predecessor …

Life of Chelsea, one of the most famous dogs of Crete.

Short time ago, all life was together, and we were happy. The whole creation was living in a good way.

Life of Chelsea in pictures

First contact in March 2005.
I want to have also a little bit.
Great overview during the daily walk around Elounda.
Just freshly shaven in October 2005.
First great hiking trip in October 2005.
Is he following ?
Ride on the wheelbarrow.
Dog dancing.
Christmas 2005 as 'Little helper of Santa Claus'.
First great trip by car.
Chelsea on Lasithi plateau.
Chelsea visits the Zeus Cave,
Sprint across the meadowsof Lasithi.
Exploring of Lasithi plateau.
Sunbathing on the roof terrace.
View over Elounda.
On the sea front.
Always happy at a beach.
Walking into the water.
Going for a swim.
Chelsea happy with cild and George.
Together with Jason & George.
After swimming we need a good dog bone.
Christmas 2006
High over the roofs of Elounda.
We love the beach !
need a break.
At the restaurant.
Run away and caught
A great swimmer.
Wet out of the water.
You are looking the same as me - we belong together !
What is that ?
Over the cliffs of Spinalonga.
One of the favorit hobbies: digging on the beach.
Walking tour.
Christmas 2007
Under the Christmas tree.
Walking tour with Chelsea
But now we are intrusive !
Rest on a walk.
When does the walk starting ?
High above Elounda.
Test drive quad bike. Is this good for us?
Jany wants a go-around with Chelsea.
Now we have our own quadbike.
By Quad bike through the village.
Brake on a quadbike trip.
Trip for shooting into the mountains.
Chelsea with Helen.
Boat trip with Chelsea.
Rescue of three pupies - how should I play with them ?
This one I like.
At work.
Office helper.
Dudi was found and adopted by Chelsea (Dec 2012).
On the beach of Ierapetra.
Now we are going together on trips !
Don't let us alone with this one !
Ready for a big trip by cabrio ?
Arrived at the target for a new exploration.
Now also Shadow is part of the pack (found on the road after hit by car in Aug 2013).
Bike tour with all the dogs.
Moving to a new home.
Exploration of the new area.
Chelse and Dudi on the walk.
Sunset, time to go home.
Last time on Chelea's beloved Lasithi plateau with hiking to Karfi.
Now we are even four !
Break after the walk to the chapell on Spinalonga island.
Last pic of Chelsea dating from March 2015.
Chelsea's final resting place.

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