Dogs in the mountains above Neapoli

Chain dog with puppy without real kennel, water, food and identification chip in nowhere in the mountains above Neapoli, Crete.

Chain dog and puppy in the mountains

As a puppy was seen on the road in the mountains above Neapoli, we discovered these two dogs in a side path not far away on January 23rd, 2020. There is one young dog tied to a chain and one puppy.

As the following pictures show, the ‘doghouse’ is completely inadequate for the cold mountains and the animals had neither water nor food.

Path to the dogs on the right from the road
Dogs in the mountains
Dogs in the mountains
No water, no food
Joke of a dog house

On Saturday, January 25, 2020 we therefore returned to check the chain dog for the mandatory identification chip. Since the dog did not have a chip, it probably never went to the vet.
At the same time a cable tie was attached to the chain, which must be cut to remove the dog from the chain. If the cable tie is not cut within the next 72 hours, the dog may not have been given an exercise or walk.

Little bit food for the hungry dogs
No identification chip found
Cable ties attached to the chains.
Cable ties still not cut four days later.

On Wednesday, 29 January 2020, the check was carried out to see whether the dog had been given exercise. As to be expected, the cable tie was not cut, so that beside insufficient doghouse, missing food and water, missing identification chip and thus probably also health booklet, the unauthorized tying up in nowhere still animal abuse is present by refusing the dog to go out or a walk.

Therefore, this video was created in summary:

Due to the clear facts of the case, a complaint was filed with the police on 29 January 2020 !

Update Sunday, February 2: After the police were given four days to investigate this case and this report was published for the first time, the dogs were visited again.
In the meantime the black dog was freed from his collar and with the help of a rope, which can still be seen on the neck of the animal, was probably taken to the vet for examination.
Unfortunately the dog was dehydrated and both animals were very hungry, so that another visit with fresh water and food was necessary. This circumstance was brought to the attention of the police that very evening.

The black dog suffers from lack of water.
The cable tie is still on the chain, but the collar has been removed and there is a rope around the dog's neck.
The black dog is very thirsty and receives the water left in the car in a bucket.
Return again with more fresh water and food. Both animals are very hungry.

Update Monday, February 3rd: After the complaint, the dogs were visited in the meantime and a piece of bread was left there as ‘food’ ! So again food and fresh water !

Piece of bread for dogs!
So, again feeding and fresh water

Update from Tuesday 4 February to Thursday 6 February: The same picture with the dogs every day. Both are very hungry and the excrement on the spot is getting more and more. Obviously nobody has visited and fed the dogs in the meantime. Another complaint filed.

Feeding and fresh water on 4 February
Feeding and fresh water on 5 February
Numerous excrement heaps with the dogs
Feeding and fresh water on 6 February
More excrement heaps with the dogs
Second bread on Friday!

Update Friday, February 7: In the meantime cold and rainy weather and second bread found. So again feeding and water !

Update Saturday 8th February: For the first time the dogs were not as hungry as usual and I brought them a pillow for the hut because of the cold weather.


This sequence of events shows very well what happens when the ‘owner’ is ‘unavailable’ – as is the case at present: the dogs would have starved to death or died of thirst in the mountains, as no consideration is given to them or provisions are made for this case. Persons like the ‘owner’ of these animals should not be allowed to keep dogs !

The dogs on Saturday, February 8.
The dogs on Sunday, February 9.
Dogs picked up

The following week the police agreed that the dogs could not stay there under these circumstances and should be confiscated.
By Sunday 16 February both dogs were picked up and the place cleared.

Photos of feeding in the period from Monday 10 February to Saturday 15 February, while on the lats day the first time remains of other dried fodder were found:

Feeding Feb 10
Feeding Feb 11
Feeding Feb 12
Feeding Feb 13
Feeding Feb 14
Feeding Feb 15; first time remains of other dried fodder found



Google Maps link: Dogs in the mountains above Neapoli

GPS coordinates:
35° 15′ 18. 95″ N
25° 35′ 34. 78″ E

For reporting Animal Abuse to police in the region of Agios Nikolaos:
Report to the police Address: Erithrou Stavrou 47, Ag. Nikolaos 721 00, Greece
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +30 2841 091413
You can do this reporting without giving your name (anonymous report). The police must act it is their duty according to law.

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