Malia Stray Puppies

Puppies of a street dog from Hersonissos for adoption. Information, photos and video about the small fighting group.

Malia Puppies

The ‚Malia Stray Puppies‘


I currently foster on my veranda and garden a group of 5-6 weeks old puppies, who are looking for a home. These are puppies from a street dog from Hersonissos (which already has in the meantime found a home) and are particularly lovable, affectionate and quick in learning.
Overall, the band consists of three boys and a girl:

The ‘Malia Stray Puppies’ in action with here ‘surrogate mother’:

‘Tara’ (white patches on the chest and paws) is the only girl and has now found also a nice home:

‘Tobias’ indeed has something imbalance problems here at the photo shooting, but is otherwise a very lively boy and by character probably the best one as well as quiet. He is still looking for a home:

The little ‘Yoda‘ (with Star Wars ears, pictured here) and his brother, ‘Shaggy’ (the largest one with the long hair) have each found a beautiful home:

 Yoda at work

Yoda at work

The last remaining pup can leave Greece at an age of 15 weeks, healthy and with vaccination card. They are grown about 8 (18 lb) for the girl to 10 kg (22 lb) for the boy.

Those who want to help one of the two puppies, can perform an adoption on this Facebook link:

Malia Strays


Nighttime for the little Malia Strays battle weary Pups…

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