Puppy in front of the house

Puppy found on street in front of the house!

Rescue Puppy ‘Ali’

And once again a puppy was found in front of my house on the street, probably dumped.

Ali (boy) is about 10 weeks old in the middle of October, weighs currently 3 kilos (6.5 lb on October 13; 6 kilos on November 3) and will reach a weight around 15 kilos (33 lb). He is very playful and adorable and is just being raised to the ‘house dog’, including house cleanliness.

Ali has a pet passport, micro chip and all necessary vaccinations and could travel from October 25 to a loving, new and active (probably with children) family abroad.

More pics about Ali:

Ali at a provisional waiting place after he was found on the road before.
First profile of 'Ali'.
Still, 'Ali' is somewhat sad after the experience of abandoned.
'Ali' at his sleeping place.
'Ali' in action with his new 'foster mother'.
'Ali' with his new toy.
'Ali' on his first big trip.
'Ali' for the first time by the sea.
'Ali' for the first time by the sea.
'Ali' visits his Rescue Puppy predecessor 'Marley'.
Great dog and puppy meeting!
Ali' is now just a bit tired after a hard, but action-packed morning!

Ali with, foster mother ‘DuDi in action:


Adoption is carried out by Malia Strays. Inquiries can be made via this Facebook link:

Malia Strays

Otherwise, please contact me. I like to pass this on to ‘Malia Strays’ !

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