Chain dogs legal ?

Chained dogs

Is the keeping of chain dogs legal in Greece ? Information about the ‘barrel dogs’, the legal situation, measures against the owners, warning, reporting to the police and penalties. Barrel dogs Chaindogs are called ‘Barrel Dogs’ in Greece. The name is a kind of program, because it defines exactly the… Continue reading

Legal status of animals in the Greek legal order

End of the event

Presentation of the book of the police chief Nikos Chrysakis on ‘The legal status of animals in the Greek legal order’ in Aghios Nikolaos on Crete. We had the honor of receiving a personal invitation from Police Chief Nikos Chrysakis to present his book ‘The legal status of animals in… Continue reading

Latest reports


Dogs in the mountains above Neapoli

Chain dog and puppy in the mountains

Chain dog with puppy without real kennel, water, food and identification chip in nowhere in the mountains above Neapoli, Crete. As a puppy was seen on the road in the mountains above Neapoli, we discovered these two dogs in a side path not far away on January 23rd, 2020. There… Continue reading

Animal abuse Flamourina

Animal abuse Flamourina

Dog kept under impossible conditions (Flamouriana, Lassithi). According to the reporters, this dog is ‘kept’ under impossible conditions, without sufficient exercise and space, the ‘kernel’ is a joke and with watered-down food bowls in the cold and rainy winter weather in Flamouriana (Φλαμουριανά, 721 00 Lasithi). Situation on 2 January… Continue reading

Diseases of the South


The dog diseases of the south around the Mediterranean. Symptoms and treatment of leishmaniasis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis and heart worm disease. Annoying fleas and ticks as vectors and their control. Dogs can of course get sick anywhere or adopted dogs from abroad can bring local diseases with them. A changed character… Continue reading

Animal abuse Istro

Animal abuse Istro

Dog with damaged kennel permanently short chained in somewhere (Istro, Lassithi). According to the reporters, this dog has been far too short chained to a damaged kennel for years. The nearby building is only used for agricultural work from time to time, so the dog is also alone in ‘somewhere’.… Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2019!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2019 and wishes for a better year 2020 for our animals from BestDogs ! Continue reading