Ali and Simba

Simba and Ali

Rescued puppies Ali and Simba are not more looking for their ‘golden baskets’. IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the two are now ONE YEAR with me, they will not be surrendered anymore and stay here as a permanent foster dog! Donations for maintenance but still welcome (see right column). The two rescued… Continue reading

Another puppy was found


And again found a puppy on the street during the walk! During the walk with the dogs together with the Rescue puppy ‘Ali’ we were attracted by a fearful barking at another, dumped puppy, which was sitting under the red vehicle in the picture to the right. He followed us… Continue reading

Puppy in front of the house

Puppy found on street in front of the house! And once again a puppy was found in front of my house on the street, probably dumped. Ali (boy) is about 10 weeks old in the middle of October, weighs currently 3 kilos (6.5 lb on October 13; 6 kilos on… Continue reading

Chelsea – the memory remains


Chelsea and the last chapter – the memory remains First anniversary in memory of lovely Chelsea. ‘The years go by, our time flies away. We turn in a circle, and this is the meaning: Everything has to end and a new beginning, you are the morning, little puppy, and free… Continue reading